Simplify DLP

Data Loss Prevention – how to make it easier and simpler

Preventing loss of valuable data is crucial to your business, your reputation and to ensuring corporate governance, yet it’s getting much harder to achieve. With more use of mobile devices, social media and cloud environments, it’s not easy to secure all points of entry and egress. In any case, most data loss by employees is accidental, not malicious, so how do you address that?

What about DLP solutions?

DLP systems can help to safeguard sensitive information, but they need thought and preparation before you deploy. For instance, you need to define measurable outcomes well in advance and then set the systems up carefully, focusing on issues like these:

  • Deciding which data need to be tracked by DLP
  • Classifying the information and locating it
  • Setting rules for document circulation and handling
  • Creating and enforcing security policies
  • Ensuring that privacy laws in different jurisdictions are observed
  • Defining the success criteria of the project.

Make DLP much simpler

On the other hand, you could reduce the complexity of DLP, and get both better results and higher return from your investment – by making data classification part of the process. Here is how it works in a complementary two phase approach:

  • Use janusSEAL, to tag all created emails, documents and files with classifications your security systems recognize. This will provide immediate, cost-effective protection from accidental loss. It generally takes about one to two hours to fully configure a DLP system to recognize janusSEAL tags
  • Then, DLP systems are thus enhanced and can block or process all email or document transfers based on recognized content including the classifications embedded by janusSEAL. This provides longer term, more consistent protection from deliberate data loss.

You can solve many of your data security concerns, by simply making employees aware of security through data classification. When you integrate with a DLP solution the data classification system will result in less set-up time and will yield better results and ROI.

Read more details of these two phases, or read about janusSEAL for Outlook, janusSEAL Documents, contact us to arrange to get a copy of our guide to integrating janusSEAL with the most popular DLP systems.