On Send Classification Dialog fix for Janusseal App for Outlook

A code update to Janusseal App for Outlook was uploaded today with some performance enhancements and a fix for Internet Explorer 11 on early versions of Windows 10.

In detail, these changes are:

  • FIX: the approach that was being used for bringing up the On Send Classification Dialog was using a javascript method which was not implemented in some versions of Internet Explorer (11 and 8). To avoid this problem the code was modified to avoid relying on this javascript method.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Janusseal App for Outlook uses a number of javascript libraries, several of which are available on a Code Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure provided by Microsoft. The code for Janusseal App for Outlook has been modified to reference these javascript libraries on the CDN which should lead to some performance improvements.

Customers using Janusseal App for Outlook do not need to re-install the App; these code changes were in place when the code was uploaded.

Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
Release Information
Release Date: 
10 August, 2017