Janusgate Exchange 2.4.0 released

Janusgate Exchange version 2.4.0 has been released. This minor version upgrade includes:

  • Performance improvements in predicates which do an Active Directory group membership test. These types of predicates can now be configured to have the result of the group membership test cached in memory for a configurable amount of time.

  • A new processor - the StringBuilder - has been added which can be used to build up a string over a number of actions/rules, or to transform/convert a string into another string (for example, get the output of the Subject of a message in upper case characters).

  • Any predicate which performs a Matches style string test and where the search needle/pattern includes at least one named capture group, then the matching named capture group(s) can be output in a later processor action.

Log in to the Janusnet website with your account to access the full release notes and the download package.


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Janusgate Exchange
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24 October, 2017